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How to set up a great conference

Swiss Cyber Storm has been around for more than a decade. And if we look at the positive feedback we are getting from our audience and from our sponsors, we are doing something right.
We see a lot of conferences struggle after the pandemic, so maybe it’s worthwhile to share a few insights into what makes an IT security conference great.
Read the 10 rules for setting up a great conference

Time for the Swiss Cyber Storm 2022 feedback report

We have been sending out the same feedback survey for several years now. This allows to get some consistency in reporting and allows for an internal discussion on a sound base.
Find the results of our 2022 feedback survey here

Meet Top International Speakers

Swiss Cyber Storm is the long established security conference setting the IT security agenda for Switzerland. We present renown international speakers to a national audience. This audience stretches from students to techies, to security officers and CISOs. There are many conferences talking about vulnerabilities. But Swiss Cyber Storm puts it all in context and delivers solutions: proven solutions to the structural security problems we are facing.

Mission Statement

The Swiss Cyber Storm is a non profit organization hosting the international Swiss Cyber Storm Conference and running the Swiss part of the European Cyber Security Challenges with a focus of identifying and supporting young cyber talents.


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